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Hi, I’m Amy Middleton MD and welcome to my website, Healing Crystals. I have a PhD in alternative medicine. I’ve had my own clinic in San Francisco for 4 years now and I provide alternative medical treatments including crystal healing treatments. I find crystal healing to be the most effective of all alternative medicine treatments to heal ailments of all kinds. I’ll be posting articles on this site about all the benefits of crystal healing and if you’d like to keep up to date with my website, sign up for the free newsletter.

How to Care For You Healing Crystals?

History of Healing gemstones:
Most cultures believe that healing gemstones have an inherent power or energy by which they can treat the human body. Gemstones were even mentioned in the Bible with high priests of the sacristy being instructed to wear nine specific gemstones for energy, power and spiritual significance. The Mayans, Incas and even the ancient Egyptians believed in the power of gemstones and their effect on health. Healing gemstones were included in amulets, breastplates and even in crowns to act as a focus for mental and spiritual energy for the wearer. The Chinese loved jade and revered it for its extensive healing powers while other eastern cultures preferred pearls, rubies and opals. Even today, in many countries like India, healing gemstones and birthstones are prescribed by astrologers, religious sages and gem therapists to clear the aura and improve the future.

Care for your Healing gemstones:
If you have been prescribed healing gemstones, make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the sage to the letter. Most gem therapists will cleanse the stone and energize it for you. You can then bind the stone in gold and silver and wear it close to your body. Please note that binding the stone in gold will increase your aggression as gold is a male element but binding the stone in silver will increase mental peace as silver is a female element. Most practitioners will also recommend that you cleanse your stone regularly. With regular wear, the stone starts to absorb your negative energy. It will then start to appear cloudy or dark. You can then cleanse your stone with cold running water, plain salt water or with a herb smudge. The easiest way to cleanse the stone is by using running water but you can also burn cedar, sage or lavender to cleanse the stone effectively. However, we suggest you follow the instructions provided by your naturopath before cleansing the stone.

Storing your Healing gemstone:s
Once you have cleansed your healing gemstones, you can also energize them or store them away. Each specimen is unique but as your situation changes, your need for the healing gemstones also changes. As a result, you can store your stones in a dry area or put them in dry earth to ensure that they are fully charged and safe. Naturopaths also suggest that you store the stones in a box made from plastic or acid free materials to prevent chemical reactions between the healing gemstones and the container.

Everything you Need to Know About Healing Crystals

Skeptics tend to ridicule healing crystals. They find it difficult to believe that a crystal can heal a person. However, there is a very sound scientific principle to the use of healing crystals. The crystals can actually direct energy from the environment into the body. They can channel energy in such a way that they heal the body or get rid of stress and tension.

Healing Crystals: Understanding How They Work:
Healing crystals work on the different chakras of the human body. According to practitioners, every human being is a container of energy. The energy cycles about on specific parts of our bodies. There are several major and minor chakras in the human body and each chakra is given a particular name. These cycles of energy or chakras are not visible to the naked eye but clairvoyants and psychics usually can see these cycles. Trained practitioners use a variety of techniques to detect imbalances in the cycles and they then treat these imbalances with the right healing crystals. The process is quite simple but it requires a trained and gifted crystal healer who will know the right crystal and technique to use. The process of using crystals is called ‘laying of stones.’ The process will direct energy from the crystal and the surroundings on to the affected person’s body and cause a variety of reactions. The process is especially useful in reducing stress levels, balancing the chakras of the body and healing different parts of the body. Practitioners may also combine the use of healing crystals with crystal wands and other therapies like aromatherapy and reiki.

Using Healing Crystals:
There is no particular method that is followed but most practitioners recommend a light cleaning of the healing stone by exposing it to moonlight or by soaking it in salt water or by holding it under cold running water. The healing crystals can also be cleaned by smudging it with burning cedar or dried herbs. After a cleansing, the healing crystal is recharged. After application, users are told to hold the crystal in their hand and picture what they want to happen.

Picking the Right Healing Crystal:
Practitioners will generally recommend the right crystal for you but they also say that people are drawn to the crystal they need. The size and shape of the crystal does not matter as all healing crystals have energy levels. The healing crystals can also be cleansed and charged by the user to work on his or her energy levels. We suggest you get in touch with a trained crystal practitioner who will find the right stone for you and teach you how to use it.